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Negative Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyer PPC Campaigns

Correctly using negative keywords in your personal injury PPC campaign can significantly improve the effectiveness of your Ads spend, leading to more leads and quality cases. Given how straight-forward using negative keywords is, it always amazes us how few personal injury firms use negative keywords effectively.

So what Are Negative Keywords?

While keywords aim to attract potential clients, negative keywords work inversely. They prevent visitors who are not interested in particular products or services from landing on a site. For example, a personal injury lawyer in Miami can use negative keywords like business, criminal, or civil rights to avoid attracting the wrong audiences.

If you want to run PPC for personal injury lawyers, using the best negative keywords can help you spend budgets effectively. This step is essential in increasing your relevance and ROI.

Negative Keyword Types

There are three negative keyword match types in PPC ads: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. Let’s take a look at how each type differs from the others.

Broad Match Negative Keyword

This negative keyword type automatically excludes all searches that contain specific words. For example, if you don’t deal with criminal law, you can add the word criminal to your list. Doing so will prevent your ads from appearing in front of all searches that include this word.

Phrase Match Negative Keyword

With this negative keyword type, you can exclude phrases that fall in the same order. For example, you can include the words criminal lawyer to your list to prevent your ads from reaching clients looking for such services.

Exact Match Negative Keyword

Exact match keywords are specific options. If you again use criminal lawyer as your negative keyword, your ads won’t appear for searches using these exact words. However, your site will appear for searches like criminal lawyer near me.

Applying Negative Keywords

You can apply negative keywords either at a campaign level or an ad group level.

  • Using them at a campaign level prevents your ads from showing in front of searches for specific keywords throughout the campaign.
  • On the other hand, you can prevent your ads from showing in front of particular market segments by adding negative keywords at an ad group level.

Creating Negative Keywords for Personal Injury Lawyers

The first step to creating a negative keyword list for your services is to run a keyword search. Doing so will help you target specific practice areas. You can use tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner for a list of biddable keywords, which should inspire you to think of related negative ones.

As mentioned earlier, the secret to achieving PPC success through negative keywords is to think of a segment you don’t want to attract. If you offer personal injury services exclusively, here are some of the keywords you can avoid:

  • Criminal lawyer
  • Business lawyer
  • Labor lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Patent lawyer
  • Trademark lawyer
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Divorce lawyer
  • Adoption lawyer
  • Credit attorney
  • Appellate attorney
  • Entertainment attorney
  • Environmental attorney
  • Child custody attorney

It’s up to you to determine which type you want to use these negative keywords as broad match, phrase match, or exact match keywords.

When you’re ready to add a negative keywords list to your Google Ads campaign, follow these steps:

  • Find Keywords from the page menu and click it.
  • Choose the Negative keywords option at the top.
  • Click the blue plus button.
  • Click Select a campaign to pick the campaign for your negative keyword list.
  • Type in or paste one negative keyword per line.
  • Select the Save checkbox to add your list to a new or existing campaign.
  • Save your new list.

If you don’t include negative keywords in your ads, you might end up wasting your budgets on individuals who need legal services you can’t address. With the help of the right tools and a reliable agency, you can create a list that will help you develop the most cost-effective PPC campaigns.

Benefits of Using Negative Keywords for PPC Campaigns

Using negative keywords for personal injury lawyer PPC campaigns can provide practices with many benefits. Let’s look at some of them below.

Improve Click-Through-Rate

When you start using negative keywords, you will eliminate searches irrelevant to your campaign. Doing so will capture a quality audience who need your services.

Increase Conversion Rate

Another benefit of using negative keywords is increasing conversion rates. When you practice hyper-targeting, you send more qualified leads to your site, boosting the odds of turning a random visitor into a paying client.

Reduce Per-Conversion Cost

Once you start improving your targeting, you capture a relevant market instead of wasting your money on consumers who need services you can’t provide. This method drastically lowers per-conversion costs.

Enjoy Massive Savings

PPC ads are an online advertising model that pays a publisher whenever a consumer clicks on an advertiser’s material. Using negative keywords for these campaigns leads to reduced per-conversion costs and massive savings for any practice. These are some of the factors you can avoid by using negative keywords to your advantage:

  • Irrelevant searches to your services
  • Searches for similar brands
  • Expensive searches your current budget can’t afford
  • Searches that include competitors’ names

Elevate Your Digital Presence Now

In today’s modern world, digital tools have evened the playing field for established firms and local practices. If you know how to use your marketing budget wisely, you can elevate your digital presence at a fraction of the cost.

Using negative keywords is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new heights for your practice. It helps you create more targeted ads, increase your reach, and boost your conversion rates. However, if you don’t have a digital marketing specialist in your team, it’s best to hire professionals.

At HRD Marketing, we develop PPC campaigns that help our clients stand out in the most cluttered digital spaces. Check out this case study to learn how we decreased the cost per lead by 34% for a Colorado-based personal injury firm.

We’ve also helped addiction and dental companies achieve massive growth. Call us at (877) 806-0089 for your complimentary consultation.

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