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Negative keywords for dental PPC Campaigns

Negative keywords for dentist PPC campaigns can make a major impact on the overall marketing strategy of your dental business.

Dental digital marketing isn’t just about choosing the perfect dental keywords to increase the chances of your dental ads popping up during internet searches. While this is an important aspect of online marketing, selecting the right negative keywords for dentists is just as crucial.

Read on to discover what the significant role of negative keywords are when it comes to PPC for dentists. Learn how you can find out which negative keywords you should use in your dental PPC campaigns and how to implement them effectively.

What Negative Keywords Are

Negative keywords are defined by Google as a category of keywords that prevents your business ads from becoming triggered by a particular word or phrase. In short, your ads will not appear for people who search for these negative keywords.

For instance, you have decided to add “school” as a negative keyword for one of the PPC campaigns for your dental practice. As a result, Google Ads will not show the ad when someone searches for “school” over the Internet.

On top of this, there will also be fewer chances that your ad will pop up on a website if its content includes the negative keywords.

Negative keywords are also commonly called a negative match.

Why Negative Keywords Are Important for Your Dental Practice PPC Campaigns

The use of negative keywords is an essential aspect of your PPC campaign for your dental office. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a strategic type of advertising that can help your business grow.

Since you need to invest in PPC costs, you should make sure that your investment is worth it.

The proper application of negative keywords can minimize unrelated results of irrelevant search terms by people who will never convert. By reducing this wasteful spending on ads, you will be able to get relevant traffic which may lead to a higher conversion rate for your dental business.

Your dental PPC campaign has a greater potential to increase the conversion of dental patients online if you use negative keywords wisely. This technique will give you the opportunity to see and experience tangible results of your marketing efforts for your dental practice.

Since competition is tough in the dental industry, you should maximize the productivity of your PPC campaigns with the help of negative keywords.

How To Find the Right Negative Keywords for Your Dental PPC Campaigns

Your dental PPC campaign may involve a creative process, but in a sense, it is a mathematical process as well.

Brainstorming with your marketing team may initially help you to start gaining keyword ideas for your campaign. However, to get more accurate and extensive results, you should utilize an online tool that can help you search for the best negative keywords for your purpose.

A good example of an online keyword tool is NegativeKeywordPro. Follow these simple steps to use this tool:

  • First, head to the NegativeKeywordPro website. You can also bookmark this website for your convenience.
  • Next, type the keyword to discover the popular keyword queries related to the search.
  • Finally, check the boxes of the keywords which you plan to include as negative keywords. Hit the “Copy All” button to copy these words to your computer’s clipboard.

This is a list of negative keywords that we found related to the search for the keyword “dentist”:

  • dentistry course
  • meaning
  • abbreviation
  • assistant
  • assistant hiring
  • attire
  • background
  • better
  • living

Here is another list of negative keywords that we generated related to the keyword phrase “dental office”:

  • design
  • floor plans
  • standard operating procedures
  • interview questions and answers
  • administration
  • equipment checklist
  • assistant
  • jobs

Take note that the free version of NegativeKeywordPro is only limited to 20 results per keyword. You can get the full version to gain access to more results for your dental business PPC campaign.


How To Implement Negative Keywords in your Dental PPC Campaigns

After you’ve compiled your list of negative keywords, you can start implementing them in the PPC campaigns of your dental practice. Here’s how you can add negative keywords to your campaign:

  • First, use your Google Ads account to select the campaign where you want to include the negative keywords.
  • Next, choose the keywords from the left-hand bar of the page. Click on the Negative Keywords tab under Keywords.
  • Hit the blue plus button to begin adding your negative keywords. Paste your list of negative keywords and decide where you want to apply them. You should select the option that matches the structure of your campaign. These are your two options.
    • Ad group level: Click “Select an ad group” and pick the ad group from the list where you wish to add the negative keywords.
    • Campaign level: Select “Campaign” to add the negative keywords list to your overall campaign.
  • Finally, you should save your new work or your existing one. Give your negative keywords list the appropriate name which will enable you or your marketing team to easily access it.


Tips To Follow While Using Negative Keywords for Your Dental PPC Campaigns

Keep in mind these helpful guidelines that can aid you as you start using negative keywords in the PPC campaigns of your dental practice.

Determine Your Marketing Objectives

Various PPC campaigns have different marketing objectives, whether it be brand awareness, increased traffic, higher conversion rates, increased sales, or more. Avoid the temptation of trying to achieve too much with one campaign. Sticking to one main marketing objective per campaign will help you focus your efforts.

Track Your Performance

Make sure to analyze the performance of your PPC campaigns on a regular basis. Keep track, not just of the number of clicks, but other related factors as well. Properly monitoring your campaign can help you to adjust and optimize your performance.

Give Your Campaign a Chance

While some results of PPC campaigns may be instantly visible, other results may gradually appear over time. Let your campaign run for a reasonable period of time before you conclude that it works or not. Don’t quit right away.

There are a lot of factors that are involved in producing a successful campaign. As you use negative keywords in your campaign, do your best in other aspects of digital marketing as well.


Start Using Negative Keywords for Dentist PPC Campaigns

The dental industry is a competitive field. It’s essential that you make an effort to stand out from your competitors.

No matter how skilled you and your team of dentists are, you may not gain a lot of new patients if others are not aware that your dental practice exists in the first place.

That’s why you need to harness the power of dental digital marketing to increase your brand awareness and exposure. Advertising can be instrumental in boosting the growth of your dental business, whether you have recently opened a new dental office or you are a veteran who has been running a dental office for years.

PPC campaigns for dentists are an effective way to reach your target market. You can enlighten your audience about your dental services and the benefits they can gain from them.

To get the best results from your campaigns, make sure to use, not just positive keywords, but also negative keywords for dentists. Negative keywords for dentist PPC campaigns can help ensure that your ads will reach your future dental patients.

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