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25 Stats That Prove Google Ads Are a Great Investment for Your Business

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your landing pages, generate more leads, and increase revenue is through Google Ads.

This list spells out all important statistics on performance, benefits, and return on investment that prove Google Ads are an excellent investment for your business.

1.   Google Is the Leader in Terms of Total Digital Ad Spend in the United States, With a Share of 37.2%

Without question, Google is one of the most powerful participants in the PPC industry. It is the most preferred platform among marketers, as it generates the most money and controls the lion’s share of the market.

2.   For Every $1 Spent on Google Ads, Businesses Earn an Average of $2 in Income

If you’re not sure if Google Ads (previously referred to as Google AdWords) can earn cash for your company, you’ll be relieved to learn that firms often make twice as much money on the platform as they spend. If you’re already implementing Google Ads campaigns and aren’t experiencing these kinds of outcomes, it’s possible that your strategy has to be tweaked.

3.   Google Ads Have a Click-Through Rate of 3.17% On Average

The click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of individuals who click on a link given the number of those that see it. CTR is used to assess the effectiveness of your ad campaign. According to Google Ads PPC statistics, display ads have an average CTR of 0.46%, whereas search ads are at 3.17%.

4.   The First Ad Slot Enjoys a CTR of Nearly 8%

Spending for the first ad position, which has a CTR of 7.94%, can potentially result in more money. As a point of contrast, the average CTR for other slots is only about 3%, as mentioned earlier.

Imagine what four times more clicks could accomplish if you bid for the first position versus anywhere later down the list.

5.   The Conversion Rate of Google Ads Is 50% Higher Than That of Organic Traffic

Paid ads appear to be successful not only in generating clicks but in converting those clicks into actual purchases as well. According to research, individuals who arrive at a target website via Google PPC ads are 50% more likely to buy something than those who visit via organic search results.

6.   Google Controls 71% Of the Search Market

Google has led the search engine market since its launch in the year 2000. Other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, have emerged, but none can compete with Google. At present, Google owns 71% of the market for search engines. If you want potential and existing customers to find you online, you must appear in Google’s search results. Since most internet users visit Google to search for businesses, products, and services, you should focus most of your digital marketing budget on Google Ads.

7.   There Are 2 Million Websites in the Google Ads Display Network That Reach 90% Of Online Users

The Google Ads Display Network is a collection of graphic, banner-like advertisements that appear across all Google Ads network websites. Google claims that the service reaches 90% of all web visitors through 2 million websites.

8.   Every 24 Hours, the Google Display Network Reaches 65% Of These People

The Google Display Network not only reaches a vast audience of 2 million users, but it does it at an incredible rate of 65%. When you advertise on the Google Display Network, that means you get access to approximately 1.17 million users every day.

9.   70% Of Mobile Customers Make Phone Calls After Seeing Ads on Their Phones

Another noteworthy fact is that 70% of mobile customers call the firm right after seeing the advertisement on their phone. Customers will appreciate the option of making direct calls from Google searches, and businesses will benefit as well. If you haven’t yet tried Google Ads with embedded phone numbers, you should do so to see if it generates more conversions than ordinary Google Ads that are merely a link to your website.

10.  Approximately Half of All Mobile Click Conversions Will Make a Call Anyway

According to statistics, 58% of mobile consumers phone a business directly after seeing a mobile advertisement anyway (although not through the Google ad). This just goes to show that Google ads can still contribute to mobile converts.

11.   65% Of Individuals Will Click on Adverts When Making a Purchase

Customers are more likely to click on Google ads that feature keywords associated with shopping, such as “shop,” “checkout,” and “buy.” When it comes to making a purchase, data shows that 65% of people click on adverts that include these words.

12.  PPC Is Used by 32% Of Businesses To Offer Their Products Directly

Unlike most other types of advertising, or a conventional SEO approach, PPC advertising usually promotes a specific product. This suggests that rather than marketing their brand, a firm may choose to pay to have a popular product appear among a set of search results.

If a firm’s primary source of income is a specific product, this could be an excellent way to achieve a better return on their investment.

13.  The Top Three Sponsored Ads Receive 41% Of All Clicks From Google Searches

Sponsored advertising accounts for more than two-fifths of all clicks generated during Google searches. According to Google search statistics, the top three sponsored ads displayed whenever we search for anything receive 41% of all clicks.

14.  The Top Three Sponsored Ads Bring In More Than Half of All Mobile Conversions

The same above-the-fold rationale that applies to desktop PPC ad campaigns applies even more strongly to mobile PPC advertisements, emphasizing the significance of maintaining your ad in the top three results.

While desktop PPC clicks on the top three results account for a staggering 41% of all clicks, the figure rises to a whopping 64% for mobile PPC ads.

15.  Nearly 80% Of Companies Use Google Ads in Their PPC Marketing Campaigns

Google dominates the PPC industry, much as it does with SEO algorithms. According to statistics, 78% of businesses spend the majority of their advertising budget on Google ads.

If your rivals are using Google PPC ads, you should consider doing so as well. You can also enjoy making money from ads the same way they are.

16. The Google Mobile Ads Network Included Almost 300,000 Mobile Apps in 2018

To reach more users, Google Mobile Ads mainly rely on mobile applications. According to statistics, the pay-per-click Google ad network included 300,000 different mobile apps in 2018. For digital advertisers, each of them represents a unique PPC advertising opportunity.

17. When Done Correctly, a Single Brand Awareness Campaign Using Paid Google Ads Can Increase the Measure by up to 80%

According to statistics, brand awareness can be efficiently increased by paying for visibility on Google’s search results for visitors who are most likely to fit your target market. The first step in the sales process is to get your target market aware of your brand, and search ads can assist with this.

18. About 97% Of Consumers Use Google Search to Find Local Companies

According to 2017 statistics, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local companies, with 12% doing so per day. This information reveals how dependent we are on the web for our buying needs. It also demonstrates how lucrative PPC advertisements can be if you target the correct demographic and generate adequate PPC traffic. Because almost everybody searches the internet for local businesses, a well-placed paid advertisement could guide them to yours.

19. One of the Top Three Sources of On-Page Conversion Is Paid Search

On-page conversions relate to the percentage of site visitors who supply contact information or make a purchase. Increasing on-site conversions is something that every business aspires to do. Statistics indicate that PPC is one of the top three generators of this measure (17%), just below email marketing (18%), followed by on-page website conversion (24%).

20. PPC Is Considered Highly Advantageous by 79% Of Advertisers

According to research from 2018-19, the majority of marketing professionals believe PPC gives their firm a substantial boost. This indicates that many experts in the industry believe in the effectiveness of PPC strategies for their digital marketing campaigns.

21. 40% Of Businesses Would Like To Raise Their PPC Budgets

These days, a growing number of businesses recognize the importance of PPC advertising. According to PPC statistics published by Social Media Today, 40% of polled companies believe their PPC budgets are too low. This is a clear sign that those firms were achieving a positive return on investment because they would not have increased their budgets if they weren’t.

22. Paid Clicks on Mobile Devices Represent 53% Of All Clicks

Over half of all sponsored clicks are made on mobile devices, according to data. As such, anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives should think about making their advertisements mobile-friendly. This is inevitable because of the burgeoning growth of mobile users in the past years. Missing out on this could cost your business plenty of opportunities.

23. 69% Of Mobile Phone Owners Said They Use Their Devices to Shop

Many consumers depend on their phones for shopping, according to a survey published in 2018. 69% of those polled indicated they utilized their smartphones to shop. Moreover, 82% of this demographic made use of the “near me” feature to identify local companies.

24. 60% Of Mobile Users Are Likely to Click on the Top Two or Three Results From Search

The same study also demonstrates the effectiveness of PPC advertising on mobile. 60% of all smartphone users surveyed claim they were “very likely” to click the top two or three results on Google, while a third responded they were only “likely” to.

25. Over 7 Million Advertisers Use Google Ads PPC

The internet has a large audience of over 4 billion people. All the other statistics in this article can be interpreted in that light, implying that Google’s 93% Search Engine Market Share provides it with nearly 3.7 billion users who are your potential customers.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to keep up with the fast pace of development in the world of digital marketing. As one of the most popular and effective channels for online marketing, Google ads should not be overlooked by companies and marketing professionals. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 25 statistics that should provide a good picture of what’s going on in this crucial marketing channel.

It’s best to hire a professional SEM management agency to help you get the most out of your Google PPC ads. If you need help with Google ads management, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be glad to respond to any of your questions or concerns.



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