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10 Essential PPC Spy Tools

In the today’s digital marketing landscape, pay-per-click (PPC) has become a crucial component of any website’s success. For business owners,  understanding the available PPC-related technologies is vital for effectively managing and monitoring your company’s digital marketing efforts.

PPC tools have been launched to assist website owners and search engine marketers in managing their campaigns without taking on the effort to do it manually. If you’re curious about the tools of the trade, keep reading! In this article, we’ll go through the most valuable and successful must-have PPC spy tools that are quick, cost-efficient, and simple to use while delivering maximum conversions.

1. Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor has simplified and streamlined the process of creating accounts, campaigns, and ads. This tool offers a powerful reporting system and a comprehensive dashboard where users can manage or import files.

Google Ads Editor enables site publishers to target ads at the best times and locations. Using this tool, we can reach out to a significant internet population and reach ideal customers on practically any budget.

This platform can also help us figure out who our PPC competitors are. We’ll see all competitors at the account level if we run the Auction Insights report. It will display a list of active domains that are bidding on the exact keywords as we are.

Download Google Ads Editor

2. SEMRush

SEMrush’s comprehensive digital marketing solutions are among the most cost-effective on the market. It offers a range of features, from a straightforward keyword research tool to competitor analysis and Google Ad campaign optimization, and more. SEMRush has a massive library of modules organized into six categories. The reporting system and robust integration in each module and category are two of SEMRush’s best features.

SEMrush can also be used to find keywords that competitors are using. We can see which keywords competitors are bidding on and reveal Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and YouTube intel thanks to its built-in capability for tracking competitor keywords.

Visit SEMRush

3. Marin Software

Marin is a PPC management application that is comprehensive, user-friendly, and effective. With this tool, a pay per click company or entrepreneur can utilize AdWords to put up bids depending on a range of various events such as contact form submissions or video views. It also allows them to publish ad campaigns on social media platforms and search engines.

Navigating and managing Marin is straightforward. It gives marketers the tools they need to improve their paid search ads by providing an automated keyword analysis that can aid in improving their ad’s effectiveness and visibility.

Marin also has the capability to combine Google, Amazon, and Facebook marketing campaigns into one. As such, it helps us boost results and keep track of what we need to know all in one spot by integrating and synchronizing these platforms.

Marin’s most vital asset is that it uses social media insights in its campaigns and uses mobile ads to reach out to a large demographic of mobile and tablet users. Marin also delivers visual reports and metrics that give a clear and comprehensive picture of a campaign.

Visit Marin Software

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool used by marketers or a PPC management agency to monitor rankings and analyze how many backlinks point to their competition. It allows us to view which keywords are receiving bids, how rivals’ ads appear, which landing pages they utilize, among other information.

Using Ahrefs Organic Search Report, we can examine the specific keywords our competitors rank for in organic search, as well as the amount of traffic each of them generates. In the United States alone, Ahrefs has data for 150 million keywords; thus, their reporting is quite thorough.

The Top Pages analysis reveals which pages drive the most visitors to competitors’ websites. Ahrefs also includes a Content Gap function that allows us to see which keywords our competitors rank for, but we don’t. We can get a lot of competitive data with these techniques.


Visit Ahrefs

5. KWFinder

It takes more than a few easy phrases and terms from free web tools to achieve keyword success. Modern marketers need to examine keywords of competitors, local search, long-tail keywords, and so on. KWFinder is an online solution that integrates all of the technology you’ll need to identify, manage, and optimize your website’s keywords.

Marketers and website owners need to be aware of the niches in which their sites operate. KWFinder generates thousands of options only by typing in a few ideas. Keywords will be provided in the form of autocomplete, suggestions, and questions. Following the selection of a few keywords, the tool allows users to examine patterns, PPC rivalry, average cost-per-click, and keyword difficulty. Other features of KWFinder include a sophisticated keyword analyzer, which is the most helpful.

Visit KWFinder


6. Opteo

Opteo is an excellent support tool that streamlines time-consuming AdWords tasks. With this tool, digital marketing agencies and entrepreneurs can handle several websites, each with a unique focus.

Opteo’s primary goal is to improve tasks and results. This tool is a sophisticated diagnostic and performance monitoring system that uses complex algorithms to deliver additional metrics which are not available in Google AdWords. As such, it allows us to delve into the performance of a keyword or a campaign.

Determining the performance of an AdWords campaign is among Opteo’s most valuable features. We can create a benchmark, execute the campaign, and track the results to determine which ad is the most effective. We can monitor where and how our ad funds are spent by creating complex or basic timelines.


7. Sprout Social

Google isn’t the only source of PPC traffic; ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all attract plenty of traffic. As such, any rivals who are taking advantage of those channels should not be overlooked. Paid advertising is on the rise in PPC, and many businesses are curious as to what new strategies their competitors are doing to generate traffic and sales.

Sprout Social is a fantastic social analytics platform that focuses on organic research rather than paid search. Nevertheless, it can also be used for social PPC.

Facebook, for instance, is one of the most popular social PPC networks. Sprout Social can dissect engagements from regular advertisements, mobile-specific ads, and sponsored stories as well as measure organic and paid reach for Facebook pages.

Desktop and mobile news feeds, sidebars, and more are among the possibilities available to competitors. It’s vital to monitor where their Facebook PPC expenses are going.

Visit SproutSocial

8. Adalysis

Adalysis is a management tool for Google and Bing that makes it easier to work with search engines. It’s a one-stop-shop for a variety of PPC technologies that benefit marketers and companies in four ways:

  • Marketers can analyze quality scores, keywords, budgets, advertisements, and landing pages using PPC management tools and automatically create AdWords campaigns.
  • The A/B testing tools operate for both single and multiple ad groups, allowing marketers to test several ads at once using six distinct metrics.
  • Marketers can view their campaign achievements and goals in real-time using Data Studio Reporting.
  • Marketers can set up tests and notifications for keywords, quality scores, domains, advertising, and landing pages, among other things.

Marketers that want to investigate the raw data from their advertisements and campaigns will love the website.

Vist Adalysis

9. Spyfu

When it comes to deciding which keywords to target for a website, competitor knowledge is crucial. Spyfu shows us which keywords are generating the most revenue for our competition.

Spyfu is quite helpful for today’s digital marketer. By entering a domain name on its search bar, Spyfu displays every Google result for the website, as well as every AdWords keyword, organic rank, and ad type. This data is accessible for the past 13 years.

Spyfu’s strength is in its reporting and accurate contact information for developing partnerships. Spyfu provides a variety of tools for businesses to follow particular rivals and their AdWords campaigns. This includes their Kombat Venn diagram, which allows users to view keywords a competitor is bidding on that they’re not.

Visis SpyFu

10. Optmyzr

Optmyzr is a PPC optimization and reporting tool for businesses. Optmyzr was founded in 2013 by a group of ex-Googlers to make PPC management and monitoring more effective. This tool is a Google Partner that has won numerous honors and works with Amazon and Microsoft.

A PPC management company can improve campaigns quickly thanks to the site’s machine learning algorithms. They can also utilize the information to improve budgeting and bid accounts. Optmyzr streamlines a lot of the time-consuming tasks that used to take hours. Using raw data, marketers and business owners can acquire essential insights and create better ads with optimal placements.

Optmyzr provides sophisticated scripting tools for automating and building ad reports, bids, and budgets without needing any code. We can also leverage Optmyzr’s bid management technology to implement a bidding strategy or automate the entire process.


The Bottom Line

PPC ads are essential for promoting and marketing businesses online. However, to succeed in their respective market niches, marketers and entrepreneurs need to increase their awareness of the various technologies available.

In this article, we have discussed ten must-have PPC management and spying tools that can help in implementing a successful PPC campaign. For best results, it’s best to leave it to the hands of a professional pay per click advertising agency. With the help of a google ads agency, you can surely have an effective PPC campaign that will drive traffic to your website and increase your conversions.

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